Founder’s Inner club

Consider running biannual, quarterly or monthly curated events. Smart people want experiences, not more information.

The most successful founders proactively stay on top of their evolving industry. But how can you find the time to discover what’s working?

You could hire a professional marketer, paying them at least $100 an hour. But why give them the most fun part of your business? For $100 a month, I’ll drip-feed you the best marketing strategies so you can forget about the rest and just execute. Plus you’ll network with other founders who “get you” and want to win.

After all, no one will be a better, more passionate, charismatic marketer than you. You know your company inside you inside out. The most celebrated artists throughout history didn’t delegate the creation of their masterpieces. No, they refined their creation. Don’t disconnect yourself from any part of your marketing in the vital early growth stages. No one should be sold on your product more than you. If you’re not sold, we need to talk.

If you are sold on your product, good. If you’re obsessed about growing it, great. The Founders Inner Circle will make you unstoppable.

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What People Say

It was great working with Sweta at Gbox. I originally contacted Sweta a few months ago about attending an event I was hosting. Had I never reached out to Sweta I would have never had a job at Gbox. Sweta recognized my talents and abilities right away. Therefore, she is the perfect person to meet in case one is looking for a job or career change. In addition, Sweta has a business acumen that is very rare; the ability to make quick decisions and admit and fix her own mistakes. What is also very impressive is that Sweta has also co-authored a book on video marketing that is available at Barnes and Nobles. Writing a paperback book sold at bookstores is unquestionably an amazing milestones for anyone to achieve. Especially for an individual under 30 years of age, such as Sweta.-

Paul Rock


Few people are as hard working, passionate about their career, and possess a sharp entrepreneurial instinct as Sweta. Her encyclopedic knowledge of both the fundamentals and cutting edge of marketing have not only enriched the teams she's worked with, but countless clients who've realized tangible results from her expertise. I've been inspired by the dedication, boldness, and creativity displayed not just during our time together at Gbox, but also her long track record of publications, entrepreneurial success, and her substantial professional network. Given how she's achieved at an age where many are still figuring things out, I know I and many others will be excited to watch her go even further.

Raj Rao


Sweta is a high-impact, professional marketer with creative ways of turning customer interactions into selling opportunities. Sweta truly understands how to run end-to-end demand gen programs – creating, implementing, delivering, measuring, and even adjusting programs to improve results. She brings a fresh perspective with her consistent "can do" attitude and meets challenging projects with minimal resources. She stays on the cutting edge of all the latest marketing trends/technologies and is always teaching me something new. Sweta is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I’ve worked with. Her work ethic, analytical and marketing skills make her a tremendous asset to any size team. I’d be happy to work with her again or recommend her work.

Rochelle Diodatti

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