90% of startups fail. What makes the other 10% succeed?

Startup success is Sweta’s specialty.

She headed the marketing initiatives for several (booming) startups. Now, she spends her time as a growth advisor for some of the top incubators in the world.

With over 200 startups under her belt, Sweta has the wisdom needed to guide any business from struggling to successful. She currently advises for the Plug and Play Center, 500Startups, and Global Silicon Valley Labs.  She is also a startup owner herself and is working on building a second.

When Sweta speaks, she gives real case studies from her wealth of experience. Highly engaging, she fills the room with laughter while offering valuable, actionable takeaways.

It’s no surprise she’s often called “the hardest working woman in the room.”

Keynote Speaker

Sweta delivers keynote speeches nationally at


Marketing conferences

Top incubators in Silicon Valley

Global Silicon Valley Labs

500 Startups, Plug and Play Center

Many private entrepreneur-focused events

In Silicon Valley, founders face fierce competition. A lot of people call it “survival of the fittest”.
Forget surviving. Sweta has developed the tools to make startups thrive, by training founders to build a lean, mean operation.
Her passion is palpable as she shares her real-life experiences and research. Watch the light bulbs appear above the heads of audience members all around the room as she shares insider secrets.

Keynote Events

Event: LIT College Tour Silicon Valley

Keynote Title: The Successful Startup Hi-Growth Framework

Sweta took failing startups and resurrected them. How did she do it? Listen to real life case-studies on how Silicon Valley startups came back from the
dead and grew into powerful entities.

  • Build a cohesive culture that thrives in all areas of marketing
  • Outsmart startup competition and master the survival of the fittest
  • Develop a growth machine in an environment where the team loves what they do

Event: San Diego State University Entrepreneur Day

Keynote Title: The Surprising Reason Why Startups Fail

Most companies believe industry experience should be the top factor when choosing a new hire. Sweta challenges that. Chemistry, she says, is far more important. You need someone who fits the culture and is willing to learn. Industry knowledge can’t get you half as far as tenacity and grit.

  • Build a culture around empathy and compassion to increase growth
  • Develop a loyal team that loves their leader
  • Make the board happy without ever having to try

Event: Expert Dojo Santa Monica

Keynote Title: Entrepreneurship and the Enemy of the Good

Companies strive for perfection, but the problem is, things change far too quickly for “perfection” to be the goal. Making smart, fast adaptations is far more important than trying to be flawless. Learn how to develop the perfect process around execution within a high-growth startup.

  • Create high impact cultures within startup teams
  • Increase visibility for your startup from the beginning
  • Develop a compelling story that drives growth instantaneously