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Sweta PatelBelieve it or not, the father figure plays a vital roll in a every young daughter’s life, even on into adulthood when he passes her hand on to her husband's in the act of marriage. If the father is not involved with his daughter's life, someone else may be and it might not be pretty.

How can a father show his daughter the utmost respect and love without being critical or overbearing? Fathers have a tough time when it comes to having their message heard when they are up against the media, her peers, and other negative influences. This is when a young woman truly needs her father’s love the most

The father also has many other responsibilities, so how can he make sure he is providing his daughter with what she needs? Sweta encourages fathers to take a stand when it comes to showing love to their daughters and how they can go about it.

"My dad was a great filter for all the idiots that
came into my life. Thank you, Dad!"
— Sweta Patel


A Father Is A Daughter's First Love / What He Needs To Know (60 Min. Presentation)

When the father stops being responsible for his role as a father, what happens? Daughters windup loving any kind of (available) man (good/bad), because her first example of love (should have) come from her own father. When you lay the foundation of love down for the daughter, she is bound to follow it. Sweta will discuss the ways fathers should love their daughters, and ways they can create an emotional mess for their daughters if they don't play that vital role in their life.

The first thing a daughter needs is a father's guidance and support. It is a tough world out there, so fathers need to make sure their daughter(s) stay strong! This insightful and entertaining speech will include a question and answer portion where Sweta helps fathers achieve their goals in raising wonderful, emotionally stable, daughters.

Fathers will learn:

  • A step-by-step process of making sure he stays involved in his daughter's life ...
  • Helping his daughter find her own passion and supporting her with it ...
  • Being the best father he can be for her and the responsibilities that come with it ...
  • How to fight and win the battle against the media ...
  • How to create a leader and make his father/daughter experience a memorable one ...

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Fathers Are The Reason Good Women Love Bad Boys (60 Min. Presentation)

Even though you may raise a good girl, she may fall into the trap of liking all the wrong men. Why is that? In such an event, she will most likely have been left (emotionally and/or physically) abused, used, or something more serious. Why take the chance? How can fathers make sure their daughters do not fall into this deceiving trap? Make sure you're protecting her heart and being open to meet anyone she is involved with. When you tell her, "no, no, no," she will do what she wants. Fathers can help their daughters make bold decisions to save them from unnecessary trauma. What does it entail? From experience, Sweta will share her story on how she almost hit rock bottom going down this path, but what changed her.

Fathers will learn:

  • How to be there and support your daughter instead of coming across as an authority figure more often than not ...
  • Why showering your daughter with money may leave her broken hearted more often than you think ...
  • How to help your daughter gain the skills she needs to master the real world and protect her heart ...
  • Are you loving your daughter too much? That may become a problem in ways you might not see coming.

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