This is the official site of the author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur Sweta Patel. offers many different programs for all types of businesses, colleges, middle and high schools, father/daughter organizations, and young women organizations to increase their knowledge, develop as a person, and build self-confidence. Not to mention, Sweta teaches how to shape your attitude so you can have the competitive advantage in your personal and business life.
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Sweta has first-hand experience in these areas, and will show you how she has reached success within her personal and business life starting from rock bottom. For more than seven years, Sweta has focused on helping other organizations expose their passion and showing them what results are possible when it comes to marketing. Her message has helped many organizations to reach their own heights of success in their own business!

On a personal note, Sweta's story will leave you inspired to discover new ways to improve your business goals towards achievement, develop life-changing habits, and become a leader not just in your professional life, but in your personal life as well. Who says you can’t live the life of your dreams? Where Sweta's personal coaching is concerned, one of her mentees had this to say about a message Sweta had to say ...

"I am a student at University of California Berkley, and the messages in Sweta's speeches are so relatable! Sweta is so inspiring, and she was able to open my eyes to the warning signs that have been camouflaged in so many ways.

Let me just start by saying I have learned so many new things about life and even life AFTER college. Thanks for speaking to us.

Sweta humorous presentation brings life to the room and open’s the eyes of many to something we call: reality. Her presentation will help save so many years of trouble and in my case PAIN."
— An Ambitious Young Woman
Sweta may have started as a one-woman show, but look how she creates an orchestra of supporters, team-players and coaches to help her audiences achieve their ultimate success!
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