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The truth is: marketing a startup is hard. A lot of marketing books love to talk philosophy. They’re filled with “strategies”, “tactics”, and “practices” but none of them answer the real question: how do you pull it all together?

Especially if you have a small marketing team and limited resources, it might seem impossible to build out a comprehensive lead generation platform.

“Demand Generation: In Real Life” is different. In it, I provide a holistic blueprint of the entire demand generation process. That means:

  • Real-time insights: See practical examples of how I helped over 200 startups prioritize limitless marketing activities with limited resources
  • Actionable steps: Take a deep-dive into marketing disciplines so you can build out a full, integrated demand gen program
  • Big picture: Gain a global understanding, so you can create a custom program for your company, product, and team

Demand Generation IRL Book

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