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Sweta Patel, Motivational Speaker & Co-Author of Watch Out LadiesI get this question all the time. How and why did I become so passionate about helping young women in their relationships? Well, here is my story ...

The Beginnings

When I was young I was always the "outcast," or the girl who didn’t really get very much attention. I have always had a passion for reading and being very studious when it came to my exams. I didn’t have many friends or a social life. I always observed people and their behaviors towards one another. I was the "mediator" when it came to arguments between the communication between two people.

Most of my teenage years were spent volunteering and doing community service-oriented activities. It was during that time I heard about a speech contest, which two of the organizations I was in, were having.

One contest was to create a counter argument for a circumstance and present it. The other one was topic based. It was when I won both of them, that I became a top finalist. I found my passion for speaking before live audiences. I just didn’t have a message yet. I was in the phase of ... "still finding myself."

You see, I still suffered from ... no friends, no social life, just a good "mediator." It seemed it was back to the drawing board for me, where my personal life was concerned.

Along Came High School

When I entered high school, I suddenly started having different feelings about my looks and my attraction to young men. I was concerned about “looking perfect” from all the TV shows and the mentality that ran my school campus. Did I need to change? I sure did.

It was at the age of 17 when I was fighting for my life, battling an addiction that was literally taking the life out of me. I was rushed to the nearest hospital where I was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. It was through this time that I was told I wouldn't live, but I hung on. That time in my life I had a "rebirth," and realized what my purpose was in life.

The College Blues

I would always bump into friends who wanted to party and have fun all the time. I went to a few of them as the "designated driver," but as I become more familiar with the scene" I put a stop to going out altogether. I was so disgusted with what I saw. I had a huge appreciation for my health and refused to put anything in me that was not nutritious in any way, shape or form.

The other thing I witnessed at these parties was what the women were doing to get attention from the men they socialized with. I thought, "If my father saw me doing this, he would not be too happy. Where did everyone's values, common sense and good judgment go?" I was raised in a family where morals and values were on the top of everyone’s virtue list. This was a whole new environment for me that I just could not adapt to. I tried to assimilate, but it was not working out in my favor. I totally left that environment and scene all together.

A year passed by, and I entered the dating scene. From my experience, I knew what it felt like to love someone and wanted everything to work out, but the mentality (and interest) was different at the other end with whom I was dating. This taught me that a relationship is difficult to have without the values aligning between two people. Real love to me is when there isn't anything anyone wouldn't do to hurt them, or anything anyone wouldn't do to prove their love to them.

From this aspect of my life, I was able to learn how to find my first wave of red flags in a man and never confuse abuse for love.

It is known that a father plays a vital role in a daughter's life. The absent guidance from that father figure in my life had caused me to learn many hard lessons. Growing up, the father figure was hardly ever present in my life. It wasn't until I had lost all my close friends did I realize what I had been a part of the whole time.

After College

I graduated college and was fortunate to have the skills and training to launch my own marketing business. I was providing consulting services left and right, while speaking on occasion, as well. Although my business was doing well, my love life was going through challenges. It was during this time when I met my next coach who introduced me to the world of motivational speaking, and telling my story.

My mentors had shared so many insights with me on relationships, life, business, culture, politics and society as a whole, that my life and the goals I had once set for myself, started to take on a whole new purpose. From that moment on, I've really come to love the idea of helping others in ways I never thought were possible.

Here's a flavor of the messages I can bring to your audiences:

  • "Parties May Be Fun, But Unplanned Pregnancies Are Dumb & Expensive"
  • "Guy Monopoly -- Are You Playing Or Losing?"
  • "If Money Can't Buy Happiness, What Else Can't Money Buy?"
  • "How Do I Know If He's Right For Me?"
  • "How Does A Man Find A Potential Hook-Up Partner? Watch Out, Ladies!"
The years experiencing the material for these presentations actually helped me heal what I had personally gone through with dating and my own relationships. Now, I feel I am equipped with my own roadmap of exactly what I want in a man. It is this deep insight, and much more, that I want to share with every young woman out there. No woman deserves to be treated the way I was. So, I feel it's one of my life's missions, to help them avoid the very same mistakes and obstacles I encountered, in order to find her own true king faster than she ever thought possible.

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