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Sweta Patel
Q: What got you started in doing what you do?

My experiences in college made me do a double-take on my own life, as well as society, today. I'm not alone when I see a moral decline happening, and I want to help young women as much as I can so they can avoid the challenges that come with that moral decline, and life in general when you don't have answers to life's most basic questions.

I wanted to make sure they knew the truth about sex, men, dating and relationships; at least from my perspective. My past has allowed me to create a road map for young women today so they can see the pros and cons of every relationship situation they get into. Of course, the circumstances are endless, but if I can teach them how to avoid STDs and heartbreaks then they will be that much better off and set for life in the dating world.

I love giving real in-depth stories and then warn you of the consequences.

If I go to the DMV and tell them to take out all the stop signs in the roads, what will we have? Collisions galore! So, with my presentations, it's in this way I put the signs on the road (of life/dating) so other ladies can avoid the heart breaks and diseases that come along with it.

Q: What made you want to become a speaker?

As I was growing up a mentor told me: "You speak to change the world." This is when I entered the first speech contest in the 8th grade with the Lions Club at my middle school. I won a $2,000 scholarship to go to any college of my choice. Then I entered another contest for the Rotary Club and got to the final round before nationals. I won a $5,000 scholarship. I was on a roll with my speaking!

This is when I fell in love with sharing insight with an audience and letting them know what they needed to know based on my own experience, knowledge, training and more. Most people get nervous, or have stage freight, but as a young woman I wanted to shake the room up with motivation from what I already knew.

Then in college I began my first marketing business and spoke at various events from training real estate owners to media coaches to large corporations and national brands. Then after college I had a bittersweet taste of the dating world. I wasn’t too impressed with what I saw, and wanted to create a message to share with all young women worldwide.

I believe I already had speaking within me; I just needed a vehicle (such as a book, or series of books), along with my passion for helping others, to change the world.

Q: How do you create the concepts you teach in your presentations?

In my live presentations, I like to mix humorous messages with animated and real photos. I involve the audience and let them answer the questions the visuals demonstrate. Then I put on my creative cap to show them "how we got here and what can happen if we keep going." At the end, I provide a global initiative and a solution to the moral decline. My experience in speaking and helping young women has taught me what I need to talk about in my presentations and what needs to go. I saw that the girls loved hearing my stories and metaphors the most!

Q: How can young women avoid heartbreaks?

Young women should use my 7 Habits to protect their hearts from heartache.. My advice to young women: as you grow into adulthood, make sure you have your life secured by doing your research, and "watching out!" Also, be 100% certain with the type of man you want in your life. Don't wast time on purposeless relationships and watch out for genuine love "in disguise." Remember, the faster you get into a relationship, the faster it might burst into flames leaving you on the curb of life.

Q: Who inspires you?

The people who inspire are not people who are famous, but the people who have an extremely hard work ethic and are able to have the courage to get out there and make something out of themselves. Why? Well, from experience I know it requires self-discipline and dedication to really be an expert at what you do.

I was never the partier or the popular kid at school, but I was able to run with a passion. The other people who inspire me are the people who run with a passion for making an impact in people's lives. Not everyone can have a passion, but these are the people who take their passion to the next level. These are the people who were told NO over and over again, but they still were able to change lives and make a difference. Now that’s a taste of inspiration.

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